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Collection of information asks the user for certain information to handle the user's request. does not use this information to identify specific individuals.
Information directly provided to users makes it possible for users of the site to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter by voluntarily submitting their email address in a special feedback form located on the website. In case of unwillingness to receive further informational letters, the user can at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter using a special link in each letter. guarantees to store email addresses only for internal use and not to transfer to third parties.
Automatically received information
For technical analysis uses information that is automatically sent by the browser from which the user visits the site: IP.basic-text address, browser type and language, date, time. Information is stored on service servers and is automatically deleted after 30 days.
Cookie files
Cookies are small text files in which the browser writes data from the sites you visit. Cookies allow sites to "remember" their visitors so that each time they do not ask for their username and password. sends one or more cookies to a user's computer or other device when they visit the site. Cookies are used:

  • To save user settings, automatically fill out search forms in order to simplify the interaction of the site and the user;
  • To take into account the fact that the user filled in the feedback form of the website;
  • For analysis for marketing purposes. uses third-party services to track traffic statistics, get conversion information, and more. The site uses Google Analytics and Yandex Metric tools.
Personal information
Your personal information including an email address is used only by our company and is not transferred to third parties for any kind of advertising campaigns.
Privacy Policy Changes
In case of a change, the privacy policies are published on this page. For privacy policy please contact the site administration:
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© Newton M LLC 2018 - 2019
12 Dzerzhinskogo St., Office 10, Togliatti 445030, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (499) 455 1670
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