Calibration, Adjustment & Testing of Industrial Assembly Tools


Newton M specialists are experts in testing, adjustment, calibration and repairing of most types of industrial assembly tools, from torque wrenches, screwdrivers to advanced electrical nutrunners with built-in torque transducers. Our industry-leading customer service offers calibration of torque wrenches and assembly tools from the smallest tightening torques to values up to 2 000 Nm.

Today high-precision tools are used in a wide range of segments in general engineering and automotive industries, including engineering, production and commercial applications, and their volume in the Russia and CIS counties is growing rapidly. It is important to ensure that all torque wrenches and the industrial assembly tools are calibrated at regular intervals. Periodic calibration will ensure stable and reliable measurement performance of tools.

In general, industrial tools are designed to meet the high requirements of reliability, wear resistance and high service intervals (the number of tool cycles until the next calibration or preventive maintenance). Sometimes the service intervals for electrical tools can reach 500 000 tightening cycles. This characteristic depends on the condition of the tool, the number of cycles performed and the specifics of the technological operation that must be performed with this tool. You can rely on the expertise of our highly qualified technicians and engineers who will help eliminate any consequences of natural wear and tear, improper use of the tools, and also eliminate the possible impact on the other components and equipment parts.

When having your tools checked, maintained, adjusted, repaired, calibrated by our service technicians, you can be sure that all equipment we use and all procedures we follow meet all technical recommendations and requirements of the tools manufacturers. Whatever the service format you choose, we can guarantee a long and uninterrupted operation with high repeatability of the tightening process - here we are referring to the coefficients Cm / Cmk, Cp / Cpk, and other parameters of the tightening process for threaded joints.

We provide specialized services for calibrating and testing the instrument in accordance with strict industry standards that prescribe specific calibration procedures for each type of instrument, as well as the requirements for the calibration process set forth in the provisions of ISO 17025, ISO 5393.

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We perform torque and angle calibrations for the following types of assembly equipment:

  1. Torque wrenches of all types (mechanical, electronic, click wrenches, breaking type, slip clutch type)
  2. Pneumatic tools with adjustable mechanical shut-off clutch, with shut-off air valve, with hydraulic clutch, etc.
  3. Transducerized or non-transducerized industrial hand-held electrical tools.
  4. Built-in (fixtured) industrial power tools or spindles of any design (with offset spindle shaft, with special attachments, etc.)

Our equipment allows you to calibrate industrial power tools of any brand up to 2 000 Nm.

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© Newton M LLC 2018 - 2019
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Phone: +7 (499) 455 1670
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