Assembly of special nutrunners in Russia based on crowfoot attachments from Johannes Luebbering GmbH
Assembly of special nutrunners in Russia
A modern car has about 3,000 threaded joints, most of which are assembled with hand-held industrial battery, electric or pneumatic tools in a conveyor environment. If access to any of the threaded joints is difficult, there is a loss of productivity on the assembly line, reducing the speed of the entire conveyor.
Every car assembly plant in the world faces similar problems when mounting exhaust system, brake and fuel lines, drive and cardan shafts, damping rods, track setting, roll stabilizers, front flap, door hinges, tailgate, engine, etc. on the conveyor...
In modern industries a typical solution for such cases might be a special crowfoot attachment which is designed to ensure an access to any bolt located in a confined space. It is vitally important to correctly design and manufacture an attachment, and as a power drive, you can use a standard industrial nutrunner with a direct (non-impact) drive from any manufacturer that provides the required tightening accuracy.
Johannes Luebbering GmbH
Newton M LLC offers its customers solutions from Johannes Luebbering GmbH (Germany) - the world leader in production of special attachments for the torque range from 2 Nm to 2 500 Nm. Since 1984 the engineers of this manufacturer have designed about half a million individual technical solutions, and the problem of difficult access can be solved on very specific applications, where it seemed impossible before. Our experts will carry out a free of charge general analysis of a threaded joint with limited access and propose a turnkey solution.
There are several steps in this work:
1. General analysis of a threaded joint.
2. Selection of an attachment according to the Customer's 3D drawing or by using plastic mockups.
3. Selection of a power drive from the Customer's stock. A nutrunner can be selected from any well-known or unknown global or Russian manufacturer, from the primary and secondary markets. A special adapter will be designed and produced for mounting the attachment onto the nutrunner.
4. Production of a crowfoot in Germany. Additionally, a running-in and trimming options can be offered to stabilize the Cm and Cmk indices, especially for technical solutions with an open end.
5. Installation of an attachment on a power drive and calibration of the technical solution are carried out in Newton M laboratory in Russia in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.
6. Production of special devices for calibration of a ready-made technical solution (adapter for the output gear for connecting a torque transducer).
7. Commissioning on the Customer's line.
8. Training of personnel on safety and efficient work.
9. Preventive maintenance, calibration, warranty and post-warranty repairs.

Examples of special attachments are shown on the sketches below
• Special open end attachment is designed according to the Customer's specification. A transducerized electrical angle head nutrunner was used as a power drive from the Customer's warehouse

• Special attachment to tighten bonnet hinge bolts. A cordless nutrunner with a mechanical shut-off clutch is used as a power drive
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